Sunday, February 19, 2012

Twisted Tunes MP3 Songs & Parodies Starting With "S"

Saddam Was Found
Salmon And Steelhead
Santa Claus Is Foolin' Around
Santa Is A Travelin' Man
Scab Writer
Scared to Be an American
School's Out of Weapons
Scream On
Sea Lion Eats Tonight
Seahawk Fan
Sean & Madonna
Seasick Asian Man
See Me, Pay Me
Sellin' All My Junk on Ebay
Sesame Street Song
Sex Offenders
Sgt. Billy's Awsome Netshow Band
She's No Lady
Shoppin' Around For A Christmas Tree
Shouldn't Touch This (Pee Wee's Song)
Shut Up, Marge Schott
Sled Zepplin
Smells Like Teeny Spirit
Smells Like The Night Before Christmas
Sneak into America (Nearly Neil)
Sneak Into America
Snot In Herre
So Crappy Together
Sockin' Robin
Soft & Loud
Somalia Pirates
Some Kind of Wonderdrug
Someone Call A Doctor
Space Needle
Space Station Oddity
Spank You
SPEEA Employee
Spinning Reel
Spotted Owl Song
Star Wars Cantina (Richard Cheese)
Stealing the Songs
Still Hussein
Stinkin' Up My Backyard
Stop Faye, What's That Sound
Stop, Hey What's That Sound
Strawberry Rehabs Forever
Stuck in the Sixties (Backwards)
Stuck in the Sixties
Stuffy Old Medina
Stumpmaster Remix
Suit Me Up Coach
Sweet Young Asses

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