Sunday, February 19, 2012

Twisted Tunes MP3 Songs & Parodies Starting With "T"

Take A Whack On The US Side
Take Baseball And Shove It
Take Some Lessons (Learn Some New Chords)
Taking Care Of Christmas
Taliban On The Run
Talk Show Boys
Talk Show Hosts
Tanning Lotion
Tax Time In America
Teddy the Red-Nosed Senator
Texas Whacko
That's the Sound of the Men
The Angel
The AOL Song (With Sound Effects)
The AOL Song
The Catholic Priest Song
The Check
The Chimney Song
The Day My Lemon Died
The Dow is Down
The Fondler
The Girl With Emphysema
The Griffey Family
The Handicap Can
The Hussein Train
The Kids
The Little Hooters Girl
The Long & Boring Show
The Magical Kingdom of Claus
The Man Who Can't Box
The Man Who Constantly Borrows
The NAFTA Anthem
The No Smoking Song
The Old Man (Is On The Commode)
The Osbourne Family
The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen
The Taliban Can
The Team That Never Returned
The Twelve Pains of Christmas
The Twisted Chipmunk Song
The Under Tree World Of Jacques Cousteau
The Water Police
The What's It to Ya Chorus
The Wreck Of The Ship New Carissa
Them Beans
There's A Santa Who Looks A Lot Like Elvis
There's Another Santa Claus
They All Posed For A Dirty Magazine
They All Stink
They Call Him Vedder
They Fought The Dawgs
They're Gonna Put Britney Away
This Ain't no Barney
Three Inch Tool
Throw The Teach A Bone
Ticket To The Eagles
Tight Christmas
Timothy McVeigh's Not Dead
Tom And Roseanne
Totally Dispicable
Toy Sack
Tragical Anthem (Flag Burning Song)
Trick Or Treat Trash
Trick Or Treatin' Blues
Trillion Dollar Bailout

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