Monday, October 20, 2008

About this blog

Just a quick background on this blog...

I am a fan of Twisted Tunes - song parodies created by Bob Rivers (formerly of KZOK-FM in Seattle, Washington USA). I have collected the Twisted Tunes off of his web page for the last several years and converted them to MP3 files. Back when Peer to Peer (P2P) was popular (Napster, WinMX, etc.), I used to share these with other people and occasionally they were downloaded.

Now that most P2P services have been either shut down, or monitored like a hawk by the illegal RIAA, I decided to post them on the web so others can listen to these wonderful creations.

I have compressed these song parodies in RAR files in alphabetical order. All the songs that start with the same letter (example: "A") are in the same file. They are stored on Megaupload. Just click on the links and you can download from there. I may use Rapidshare one of these days, but Megaupload does a better job of file storage and speed for "free" users.

I'll be uploading these files one at a time, with a different blog post for each file with descriptions of what are in each file.

These are up to date as of October 2008. I'll try to update these when Bob produces a new Twisted Tune.

(Update in December 2010 - There are a few more I need to add - one of these days I'll post them)

Thanks - and hope you enjoy!

Twisted Tunes Fan - twistedtunesfan (at) gmail (dot) com